"Leeds quintet Eades may not have been around for long, but boy have they made waves during their youthful stint on the scene. A run of acclaimed singles throughout 2020 has seen the band land on the radar of countless tastemakers, turning heads right across the country despite being unable to tour. 
 Microcosmic Things is set to solidify Eades as vital players in the new music scene. This is a band who have taken their experiences and varied tastes to their advantage, coming out of the woodwork with a plethora of music written to an exceptional standard while remaining very much their own. 
 It’s needless to how competitive the new music scene is these days, but should Microcosmic Things reach the ears it is deserving of there’s a good chance that Eades have well and truly cracked it." - One Great Song

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    Mill 3:27

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Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6GVy4NToodaTHYxlO6xuXX?si=pB58V_q7QN2SvhzfBmmx9w

Bandcamp:  https://eadesband.bandcamp.com