"UK's Eades swing in different ways, pulling sounds and twisting them like pretzels. This daring nature, this need to not be complacent and pump out the same pop melodies / ie chords (1,4,5,6) is likely the need to be different, to put square pegs in round holes, to make jagged, upside down progressions or jazz fused bass lines. In the fertile period of the mid 70's, the so called proto punk bands had the same musical D.N.A and so anytime I hear a band that has that spirit it is a happy day. When I heard Eades' fun, funked up, indie prog pop Saying Forever I instantly thought of that period. The track not only has those proto punk attitudes wrapped in a funk bow but also have touches of 60's psyche rock and Mod tones too. The hooky bass and guitar mutations and especially the counterpoised opposing guitar lines is so sick. The vocal spread here also has a cool stiff collar 60's white funk swagger. The musical break down is cooly chaotic. Love this." 
-Robb Donker Curtius (American Pancake)

“Irresistible lo-fi funk from Leeds, mashing up choppy guitars and a hypnotic chant into a monstrous groove”

- Gigslutz (This Feeling, track of the day)

With their debut EP ‘Microcosmic Things’ gathering attention from the likes of NME, Dork and Steve Lamacq, Eades have been making waves across the UK. The five-piece cut their teeth in the blossoming Leeds scene alongside acts such as Honey Guide and Yard Act. Their basement studio and record label ‘Bam Bam Records’ (run by lead singer Harry Jordan) have become central to the indie scene, allowing likeminded artists to stay creative during the rollercoaster year that 2020 has been.

- What The Funk?

"This latest track starts off with a funk laden groove which gradually (and gloriously) implodes into the sort of anxious chopped out riffs of Wire and Devo."  

- JanglePopHub

 "Emerging from Leeds comes this new disco-punk, indie outfit with a very impressive debut."

- Alfitude

 "*TRACK OF THE WEEK*: Saying Forever – Eades 

Blending gritty vocals with dangerously addictive groove, Eades bring the disco to the punk show. FFO: Television"

- Little Dose Of Indie

"Eades are definitely going to be breaking out of the Leeds scene soon... there's already whispers of a new guitar band to get excited about from this fair Yorkshire city.

- It's All Indie 

"The enigmatic new track from Eades showcases their talent to combine their intense harmonies and their wordsmith charm found in the lyrics. You’ll find yourself chanting along to I Want More. Righteous rhythms and a front-person commanding your full attention, this compelling track is an alluring anthem. The biting guitars and drums build up to a bold and dynamic intense display before complimenting vocals join in to gain some serious traction. This is a track of our times." 

- Circuit Sweet


"Eades have recently released their brand new track 'Saying Forever', a danceable, new wave inspired single that will make you want to stand up from your desks and join the party straight away...  

...In their latest release 'Saying Forever', the five-piece group from Leeds fight what are relatable anxieties about the future with powerful disco-punk vibes and inspiring lyrics.   

Whether you are also struggling with anxieties and doubts concerning your future or you have it already all figured out, you will definitely enjoy listening to this fresh and energetic track."  

- Conversations About Her